How Do I Find Out When My Divorce Is Final?

Yesterday I received this question: How Do I Find Out When My Divorce Is Final?

Good question, I responded: When did you file for divorce?

The response came: Well, I think my ex filed a few years ago.

“Alright” I replied, “Do you know your case number?”


Let’s search by name then – … we searched by name and we couldn’t find her case. We tried dates of birth and we tried her ex’s name. Nothing came up. I asked her if she had ever seen divorce papers. She said she thought she had, but her ex told her he was taking care of it. I had her contact her ex, get a case number and call me back.

Long story shorter – he had never filed for divorce!

Can you believe it!

Yup, it’s true. She thought they had been divorced for at least 2 years, but nothing was ever filed with the court.

Now, if you are sure that a divorce case was filed and you have a case number, an attorney can easily look up your case and find out what the status of the case is. We simply log into the court’s system here in Utah and we search by the case number and we can pull up the court docket and we can tell you what has happened in the case.

If you want to know when your case was finalized, we could look up that too, but we can’t get you certified copies of court papers and, unless we represent you, we can’t even look at the court papers because they are private records.

If you retain us as your lawyers, we can pull up all of the paperwork on your case and get you copies of your divorce decree, modifications, temporary orders or whatever the case maybe.

I share this story because I want you to know that if your spouse moves out and tells you they are filing for divorce, you ought not believe it until you receive divorce papers.

If you do receive divorce papers, you should contact our office to discuss how to move forward in your divorce case so that you can do exceptionally well.

So whether you have a contested case or an uncontested case, we are happy to assist you.

Call us when you need help or have questions.

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