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So I was asked where our office is while speaking with a potential client on the phone today. They wanted an attorney’s office really close to them. I had the thought and I expressed it:

Do you want the best attorney or just an okay or average lawyer on your side?

The answer was: I want the best.

Alright, then it really shouldn’t matter where my main office is located; but I understand why someone would want they’re lawyer close to them. So they don’t have to travel too far. I get it. I understand.

With that in mind – I have offices throughout Utah and, we can do most of the work over the phone – so sometimes you don’t even need to come into our office. We can do it over the phone and through our website, email, etc.

So, to answer the question: Our main office is in West Jordan Utah.

That address of the main office is 8833 South Redwood Road, Suite C, West Jordan, Utah 84088.

We are happy to take care of you during our normal business hours from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We even can do alternate appointments if we have to, but just like you, we have family and personal lives that we tend to get to when work is over.

Watch this quick youtube video:

Alright, now look, I’m happy to answer your divorce and family law questions. We are constantly on the lookout for them.

Please send them in so we can do a blog post about your questions and get them answered.

I hope you found this article helpful – let us know when you are ready to move forward with your divorce or family law case.

Ascent Law LLC
8833 S. Redwood Road, Suite C
West Jordan, Utah
84088 United States

Telephone: (801) 676-5507

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